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Drink Your Way To Weight Loss!


Try these miraculous concoctions and get rid of the fluff and flab. Honey: Honey is a great ingredient that may help you lose weight by providing the sweetness you want with the nutrients you need and helps you in proper digestion. Ingredients: A cup of hot water 1 tbsp. of lemon 1 tbsp. of honey 1 tsp. of cinnamon Enjoy ...

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How do you get Healthier Skin?


Water for Hydration: Aside from beverages though, eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, soups and stews and other foods that have water will help hydrate you too. Protein to build: Get protein from humanely-raised, pastured animals that have plenty of complete amino acid profiles, B12 and Vitamin D. If you choose to get protein form beans or other legumes, ...

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Back Pain – what should you know?


Low back pain is the biggest cause of disability in the world. Experts say roughly four out of five people will have a back problem in their lifetime. Understanding the back… This area is a complex structure of bones, joints, ligaments and muscles that if injured can lead to back pain.   Upper back pain: Pain or discomfort in shoulder ...

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