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Top 10 Foods For Pregnancy

family-with-pregnant-momA pregnant woman approximately needs 2500 calories per day. Eat well but be choosy about your food.


  • Beans:


  • Richest source of protein and fiber. Fiber keeps constipation away.
  • Serves body with Folate, Calcium, Iron and Zinc.


  • Soy:


  • Gem of plant foods that contain complete protein with all essential amino acids. Versatile enough and blends well in whatever you cook – starting from latte to stew.
  • Rich source of calcium, fiber, Phytochemicals, protein and vitamins.


  • Salmon:


  • Best source of DHA and EPA Omega – 3 fatty acids, protein, very low saturated fat, vitamins and minerals. 197 calorie per servings.


  • Sweet Potatoes:


      • Natural source of fiber and vitamins essential for a pregnant woman. Great source of Vitamin C, folate and fiber.
      • Inexpensive and versatile. Just cook in large amount and stock up for snacks later.


  • Whole grains and Popcorn:


      • Popcorn is whole grain with fiber and rare minerals and vitamins. It carries nutrients like selenium, phyonutrients.
      • Not only popcorn, you can also eat from barley, to grain bread, to oatmeal.


  • Dark leafy veggies:


      • For good eye health for mamma as well as baby. Loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Also includes vitamin A, C, K and folate.


  • Lean meat:


      • Excellent source of high-quality protein. Rich in choline which is important for brain cell development in babies.


  • Walnuts:


      • Vegetarian’s source of concentrated nutrients. One of the richest sources for plant-based Omega – 3s.
      • In addition to salad, it makes a good choice for on-the-run snack.


  • Greek Yogurt:


      • It has twice the amount of protein than regular yogurt. Great source of calcium to keep the bones strong of both, the pregnant woman and baby.


  • Egg:


    • 1 Egg = 99 Calories, apart from being a quality source of protein. Rich source of Choline too – instrumental for baby’s brain growth.

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