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Lose your weight by eating DATES!!!!

17-Amazing-Benefits-Of-Dates-For-Skin-Hair-And-HealthMost of us know that eating dates increases blood level in the body. We can also reduce our weight by eating dates. Do we know that? Yes, dates contain some vitamins and also calcium, minerals, iron which helps not only in preventing diseases, but also helps in decreasing the weight. So, those who want to decrease weight can eat nuts, dates instead of eating junk foods and fried foods which are healthy for our body, during snack time. Eating these item in our diet, avoid fats and cholesterol accumulate in our body.

Dates contain vitamins and minerals such as selenium, magnesium and copper. Moreover, it contains soluble and insoluble fibres which fills our stomach and avoids us eating unwanted foods.

Dates prevent constipation and helps in better digestion. It increases metabolism. Body weight decreases healthily. It contains karotin, which makes digestion better and relieves us from problems.

Mainly, it increases the bacterial content in the body and kills the unwanted bacteria. When digestion is better in the body, the weight decreases accordingly.

Dates contain less calories and borin which increases energy which means it contains fructose and glucose which immediately gives energy. So, when you feel hungry, don’t eat unwanted food. Eat dates so that we can stop our body from gaining weight. Dates are very tasty as well as no cholesterol product. So, it will not increase your weight, when you eat them more. Dates contain potassium, sulphur which helps in maintaining heart’s health and also helps in dissolving the fats. So, during breakfast eat Dates, increase metabolism and decrease your weight.

When you feel hungry, you will eat more and after that you feel sleepy and lazy. When we sleep, fats get accumulated in the body. So, after eating food, eat 2 to 3 Dates, which gives energy and makes us feel refresh.


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